Living laboratory working on a better future

The Netherlands has set itself the goal of becoming entirely independent of fossil fuels and scarce primary resources by 2050. This mission of creating an entirely circular economy will do away with residual waste streams. DORP is a living laboratory where work on a better future is taking place live, in real time. DORP began six years ago as an initiative that was part of Welcome to the Village, which will be moving to Explore the North this year in the week of 16‑22 November. This year, the seven-day innovation village will be bringing together people from different backgrounds to contribute their thoughts on creating a more beautiful and sustainable world. In November, the village residents will be tackling the challenge of creating a circular economy by 2050. It will be a week yielding new ideas, but also one in which these ideas are developed and tested at the festival. Would you like to contribute to a sustainable world too? Then join DORP via