Like for so many others, the life of singer and producer Chagall changed completely in March 2020. After years of dashing and darting and working very hard, she wound up at home like so many artists. This turn of events was confronting, yet also one which brought fresh inspiration. Instead of touring non-stop, she sought out the studio and wrote a series of new songs, culminating in Unlocked – addressing the question: What is it about yourself that you have to deal with when you are forced to a standstill? Chagall is presenting this work in a new live musical experience, in which she uses sensors and the movement of her body and hands to control the electronic elements in her music, while also allowing her to operate an immersive light installation. Chagall sings, plays and moves in the installation which moulds itself around her like a network of light-emitting neurons. Unlocked is an amalgam of art forms and the various talents of Chagall and her team, who have all been itching to perform since March 2020.

We present this show in collaboration with Welcome to the Village. Unlocked is a Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis and Explore the North co-production. The project was made possible with the support of Amarte.

Times and other information
Fri 23 July | 8.30PM > book your dinner in De Westerkerk (for this day)
Sat 24 July | 8.30PM
Westerkerk | Price: €12,50 | Language: Engels

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About Chagall

Chagall has been making audiovisual live shows since 2015, at the crossroads of music, technology, visual art and movement, supported by a system of sensor technology and software which she and her team develop themselves. Her work is always based on humanising the digital and creating computer music experiences which make just as strong an emotional impression as music created with traditional instruments.