Ex-dEUS member performs refined solo work in Leeuwarden

It could very well be that his name seems familiar. Stef Kamil Carlens is a leading figure in the Belgian pop scene. He played bass in dEUS, founded Moondog Jr. (which later became Zita Swoon) and played in Kiss My Jazz. Carlens has also developed as visual artist and has performed a number of theatrical shows with the Zita Swoon Group which were very well received. On his first solo album, Stuck in the Status Quo (2017) Stef sticks to matters close to home. The imaginative and warm songs are the result of a process taking years. Bit by bit, Stef refined the songs on which he plays all instruments and recorded them three times. Expect a set filled with personal and subtle (pop) songs that are perfectly suited to the opening night of Explore the North.