Basically, there are two ways of dealing with problems in society: ignore them or exacerbate them. Natasha Taylor, originally a Leeuwarden artist, is investigating a third way – addressing societal issues using show wrestling: Issue Wrestling. One of the icons of show wrestling is Hulk Hogan, the American wrestler who achieved his greatest fame in the 1990s, when he was extremely popular. Issue Wrestling offers an alternative podium for social debate. Natasha Taylor investigates whether a show wrestling match can create connection and encourage candid discussion by taking differences to an extreme in a playful way. This June in Obe, she exchanged thoughts with Fryslân inhabitants on the theme of Capital of Culture, and during Explore three of the issues raised will be wrestled over in the ring in Neushoorn. Issue Wrestling is an initiative of Natasha Taylor and a coproduction of Popfabryk, Explore the North and Jonge Harten Festival in Groningen, with special thanks to Lân fan taal. An exhibition will be taking place in Neushoorn, 13–21 November, with costumes, objects and promotional videos that Taylor, six wrestlers and the inhabitants of Leeuwarden worked on.