Originating in Punjab, searching for what makes a place ‘home’

A small boy dresses up as the local superhero. His family is driven out. Theatre maker Abhishek Thapar takes you way back in time, to the conflict in the Indian Punjab Province, which saw his family losing its home. His personal reminiscences are at odds with the official stories told about this chapter in Indian history. It is like visiting Abhishek at home; for a moment this multi-sensory performance leaves you feeling like you are back in the Punjab of his youth. His past comes to life in videos, in the stories he tells you and in the tastes which he has brought along from his grandfather’s kitchen.

Times and other information
Fri 9 July - 7.30PM
Fri 9 July - 9PM > book your dinner in De Westerkerk (this day the dinner will start at 7PM)
Westerkerk | Prijs: €12,50  | Taal: Engels

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About Abhishek Thapar

Abhishek Thapar is an Indian theatre maker, performer and puppeteer who lives in Amsterdam. He did a postdoctoral in Physical Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) and a Master’s in Theatre at the DAS Theater in Amsterdam. In his work, he explores postcolonial epistemologies, historiographic metafiction and storytelling. Abishek works as a lecturer, maker and performer in Asia and Europe. He is a cofounder of the International Theatre Institute (ITI, India Centre) and the Association for Performing Arts and Research (IAPAR) in Pune. Identity, migration and the concept of ‘home’ are recurring themes in his work.