In cities we often live in various bubbles existing in parallel, although we do share our space with various types of people. Unfolding Routines is a series of works by artistic collective MOHA, aimed at bursting these existing bubbles. Members of the collective are joining various contexts and professional fields for a ‘work placement’ lasting for a month. By their presence at close quarters to the daily routines of a place, they become part of the mechanism. For Explore the North, MOHA will be doing a work placement for three weeks in a care home. Care homes are often associated with a certain feeling of sadness. They are places you go to to conclude your life. These are the places you go to when you can no longer remain living at home. For their inhabitants, they can emphasise feelings of isolation and separation from the rest of society. MOHA goes beyond these initial associations, and during its three weeks in the care home, they wish to unravel the routines of the inhabitants, but also those of the various people employed there. The daily routine is the jumping-off point for meeting each other, changing each other’s perspectives, and slowly getting to know each other’s stories.