Five young writers observing the world, themselves and each other changing

The railway station district in Leeuwarden, your connection to your siblings, your cousin’s teeth – everything changes. You cut your hair, bake a space cake, and in the Albert Heijn down the street you can’t find anything anymore. Sometimes you wish you were a flea. You get angry about the what commercial media companies have down to Bob the Builder. And what in the world ever happened to that garden fence? Alles is een scheermes (Everything is a razor) is an account from five young writers who see the world, themselves and each other change. Texts that cut, burn and itch. Played by two professional actors and four adolescents.

About Meeuw Jonge Schrijvers (Meeuw Young Writers)

Meeuw Jonge Schrijvers is an initiative of Meeuw Jonge Theatermakers in collaboration with Lân fan taal and Explore the North, intended for adolescents aged 14–17. Young budding writers explore various literary genres, under guidance of professional writers. Based on the material this yields, the writers create theatrical performances, large and small, which were and are being performed in 2018 at various Lân fan taal festivals and of course at Explore the North.

Foto: Tryntsje Nauta