Explore voodoo

Voodoo is a theme running through the entire Explore the North 2018 programme. In order to help visitors prepare for the related rituals, we have invited Leendert van der Valk. Van der Valk is a freelance journalist specialising in music journalism and narrative journalism. He writes for media including Dutch dailies NRC Handelsblad and nrc.next, reviewing African and Afro-Caribbean music. In his work, music is usually the hook for a wider story. This is certainly the case in his new book, published in 2017, VOUDOU, van New Orleans naar Cotonou op het ritme van de goden (VOUDOU: from New Orleans to Cotonou on the rhythm of the gods). During the three Explore festival days, Leendert will be in Leeuwarden to induct you into the world of voodoo and music. He will do this with a musical lecture to accompany the Vaudou Game gig, and with interviews at Chouk Bwa & the Ångstromers and Ifriqiyya Electrique.

Vaudou Game
Thursday | 18:30-19:15, De Harmonie

Chouk Bwa & the Ångstromers
Friday | 19:00-19:45,  Obe

Ifriqiyya Electrique
Saturday | 20:45-21:30, Obe