Arjan Lubach was a fan early on, he is referred to as ‘the Murakami of the North’ and his debut novel Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion? brought him immediate fame across the globe: Johan Harstad! The Norwegian writer published his magnum opus in 2015, entitled Max, Mischa & Tetoffensiven (Max, Mischa & the Tet Offensive). Its Dutch translation was published last year. In over 1200 pages, the author hypnotises readers with a story about .... Well, perhaps we should say what isn’t it about? In his book, Harstad explores his own boundaries, even coming up with fictitious plays purportedly written by his protagonist and stage director Max Hansen, as well as creating all the works of art of his character Mischa. Ironically, while writing this, to relax he also managed to write another book, which will be published in the Netherlands as Heterdaad (Caught in the Act) this November.