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Explore the North 2018


Ralph van Raat plays Radiohead

Ralph van Raat plays Radiohead
Fascinating alternative piano pieces in the Grote Kerk

Start off your Saturday afternoon with sheer beauty. World-renowned Dutch pianist Robert van Raat will be performing on his grand piano in the Grote Kerk, where he will convincingly prove that Radiohead fits seamlessly into the romantic and impressionist piano tradition. Van Raat: ‘Radiohead is an exception in the pop music generally heard, thanks to their use of unconventional harmonies and odd time signatures, which in that way to me forges the connection with the work of such artists as Claude Debussy.’ Expect the perfect start to your Saturday at Explore, with classical music (Debussy), modern classical (Tanaka) and alternative pop, rewritten by American piano virtuoso Christopher O’Riley, seamlessly melded.

Ralph van Raat studied piano at the Sweelinck Conservatorium and Musicology at the University of Amsterdam, and then continued his piano studies in France and the United States. He teaches contemporary piano music at the Utrechts Conservatorium and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.