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Monica Meijsing - Waar was ik toen ik er niet was

Monica Meijsing - Waar was ik toen ik er niet was

So where are you actually, when you're anaesthetised? Are you there, on the operating table, just temporarily unconscious, or is the ‘real’ you not there at all? To answer this question, you need to know who you actually are: Who or what is the ‘real’ you? Many people find psychological features to be more important to their identity than physical ones – they are more mind than body. In her book Waar was ik toen ik er niet was? (Where was I when I wasn't here yet?), Monica Meijsing shows where such notions come from, but also reveals that they are incorrect. Whether we are persons is not something within our control. Only when we are included in an existing human community can we become a person. You are only a person in relation to other persons. At Explore the North she will be discussing her book and taking everyone on a profound journey in a Socratic dialogue led by a number of philosophy students!

‘Meijsing introduces readers to intriguing case studies and complex reasoning, arguing both sides of the debate on various views of the concept of “person”.’
****, Dutch daily Trouw

Attention: this programm will be in Dutch