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Kinetophone - De Ballade van Omie Wise (première)

Kinetophone - De Ballade van Omie Wise (première)
Theatrical traipse along the origin of a murder ballad

This interdisciplinary theatre performance filled with stories, music and acting is based on the story of a young woman (Omie Wise) who was murdered in 1808 in the rural United States by her lover John Lewis. The famous song ‘Ballad of Omie Wise’, one of the first murder ballads, was based on this story. Kinetophone, with singer Sofie Letitre and actress Annegeerte Aandewiel, will be providing an insight into the birth of a legend and a musical genre, one in which fact and fiction are constantly at question. The script was written by Bart Breman. Kinetophone has found fame with their contemporary soundtracks to (silent) classic movies, both obscure and well known. Breman is a major music aficionado and has been writing for years for various online publications, such as The Daily Indie, Makeafuzz and the website of pop podium VERA.

This is a production by Explore the North and Kinetophone in collaboration with Lân fan taal and Grand Theatre (Groningen). The Groningen arts council Kunstraad Groningen also provided support.