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Dez Mona & B.O.X - Sága

Dez Mona & B.O.X - Sága
Brilliance midway between classical and pop

In Sága, Antwerp group Dez Mona, which revolves around singer Gregory Frateur, takes you on an epic musical journey filled with references to Icelandic, Greenland and Norwegian mythology. Ancient tales and true mysticism are transported to the modern age in overpowering fashion. Dez Mona is renowned for its songs which reflect gospel, jazz, classical music and alternative rock, but perhaps even more for the way in which they always chart undiscovered territory with each new project. This time round the virtuoso musicians will be working with the classically trained ensemble Baroque Orchestration X (B.O.X.). Together they manage to brilliantly forge something midway between intimate classical works and stunning pop songs.