Explore the North

Explore the North 2018



Bo Ningen + Elmar Kuiper

Bo Ningen + Elmar Kuiper
Flipped out free-floating noise rock jams by unusual Japanese quartet

Fiery Bo Ningen will be presenting their free-floating noise rock jams straight from the outer reaches of the galaxy in Leeuwarden. The four Tokyo musicians met up in London. After bass player Taigen and guitarist Kohhei had spent many an hour in the studio playing their free-floating noise jams, together with drummer Monchan and guitar player Yuki they came up with the idea for Bo Ningen. Expect freaky guitar effects, psychedelic riffs and reverberating vocals. Especially for Explore the North the band is collaborating with Elmar Kuiper. Elmar (1969) is renowned for his exquisite sense of sound and rhythm in his poetry in both Dutch and Frisian. His ‘sing-song’ delivery often clashes with a harder, rougher idiom. At Explore the North, Bo Ningen and Elmar Kuiper will be presenting work they created together during a sojourn of a few days in Leeuwarden.